The problem with Referendums and why Britain should hold a second Brexit Referendum

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12 months on from the British public’s decision to exit the European Union it’s time to reflect on that decision and consider whether a second referendum is appropriate. The problem with referendums The fundamental problem with a Referendum is that it needs to deliver a result and in so doing boils down a (potentially) complex […]

Dubai November 2016

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I’m catching up on some travel blogs that I meant to write but never seemed to find the time when working.  I wanted to try and track down my air miles history but unfortunately it seems the online records only go back to the beginning of 2016.  So if anyone has any great ideas on […]

Dubrovnik July 2017

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I wonder whether we are typical travelers (and what the difference is between a traveler and a tourist?).  I like to think we are untypical but really I’m not sure.  We are definitely not culture vultures and you won’t find us sniffing around museums or old ruins (so if you want a history lesson you […]

Why Austria?

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We’ve set up a special category for “Austria” in our blog as it forms a big part of our retirement plans.  Early retirees (or even just a retiree) have some fairly major financial and life decisions to make such as whether to downsize to free up equity relocating to enjoy a better climate, or perhaps […]

The beginning

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We call this the beginning as it’s the very start of a new life.  Not a new adventure as some might call it but rather a new way of going about things.  Of course there will be new things to explore and new things to discover but mostly this will be about having the time […]