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Day 19 – Magic Mountain

Today is a Marmite day … you’re either going to love it or hate it.

Whether you’re a fan or not you might be interested to know that six flags has more coasters than any other resort in the world.  You can read a fairly good history of the park here.

You might have been to a theme park or two in the UK or elsewhere in Europe but here the rides are generally bigger and faster and there are more of them.

There is a fear factor associated with rollercoasters which comprise two parts.  Firstly, there is the ride itself which actually might cause you to black out if you’re really unlucky or more likely throw up (which we saw – thankfully from other people – a couple of times on our visit).  Secondly, there is the piece about whether the rides breaks or your harness comes undone which is probably the bigger fear for me.

Anyway, you can watch lots of video reviews of the rides on YouTube, here is a good summary which I would say pretty much follows my own ranking:

Rollercoasters are not about being as fast as possible or throwing as many twists in as possible at the end of the day it should be a fun ride, nice and smooth but with a little bit of the unexpected.

I was actually at six flags about 22 years ago when simply going around a loop was considered cutting edge but nowadays while you still need the loops, you might also be spinning ….while upside down ….in a flying position rather than seated.

Unfortunately, some of the rides were closed however just for the record, we were lucky enough to rack up the following:

Batman: The Ride – 1

Full Throttle – 2

Goliath – 2

Ninja – 1

The New Revolution – 1

The Riddler’s Revenge – 1

Scream – 1

Superman Escape from Krypton – 2

Tatsu – 2

Twisted Colossus – 2

Viper – 1

X2 – 1

Jet Stream – 1

Justice League: Battle for Metropolis – 1

Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom – 1

Roaring Rapids – 1

So 21 rides in one day is a lot (and we arrived before opening and left after the last ride had finished) and only really possible as the park was not busy (it was a Friday) and we had also purchased Flash passes which gave us preferred access to some of the rides (although we all concluded that was a waste of money).  In normal conditions, you would be lucky to cover 5-6 rides in one day.  Plan your trip carefully!

For what its worth my personal favorite as in the video is Twisted Colossus.  It may not have the shock and awe of some of the other coasters but it’s a long ride and really good fun.  Second is Tatsu which has the shock and awe!

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