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Day 26, Te Anau to Queenstown

A quick discussion today about packing.  We packed too much stuff that we have not and will not use – end of discussion.  We knew we were going to do it and we did do it.  Why?  I don’t know, but at least some of our least worn clothes will be able to go back to their friends in our wardrobe at home having had a nice trip.

View from our B&B in Te Anau.  Like winter!
View from our B&B in Te Anau. Like winter!

Second discussion topic is on driving in New Zealand.  NZ is very keen to avoid / reduce the number of road accidents and therefore there is a proliferation of road signs telling you not to drive too fast, not to drive and text, not to drive have sex….ok, I made the last one up but I reckon the real problem is that with a maximum speed of 100 km/h and long stretch of straight road, using cruise control becomes essential and that means lower concentration, feet off the pedals driving.  I swear that driving on the German autobahn at speeds of 200 km/h + is safer because the level of concentration is exponentially higher.

Anyway, todays blog.

Lake Hayes, Queentown
Lake Hayes, Queentown

Queenstown is about 180 km from Te Anau but it is much, much further away in terms of culture.  Te Anau seems to be more the home for the serious outdoor pursuitist (or whatever they’re called) whereas Queenstown is definitely for the high octane quick thrill crowd.  Of course Queenstown is the self-christened “adventure capital of the world” which one could also read as the town where $1,000 can leave your pockets very quickly.

Nevertheless, despite the potential for tackiness, Queenstown has an incredible lakeside location, awesome views and spectacular scenery.  We are staying at Twin Peaks B&B which itself has some frankly picture book views of the lake (which is also reflected in this being our most expensive stay on the tour).  We only have two days here so we are absorbing as much as possible in a small space of time.

Queentown Harbour - weather coming!
Queentown Harbour – weather coming!

After an approximate two and a half hour drive from Te Anau, the weather seemed to be holding up on arrival so we decided to head straight out for a walk and chose Lake Hayes which is a little way outside the town and has a very nice undulating track around the entire circumference of the lake (approximately 8 km in total and just under 2 hours walking (at a decent clip).

We then went into town to get the lay of the land where our first stop was the “world famous” Fergburger which is well known for have some of the tastiest burgers in the world, we had a venison burger and you would struggle to disagree with their claim.  I’ve been to the town once before but around 6 years ago so although I remember the outlines the details are a little sketchy!  We went into the iSite with a view to planning some activities over the next couple of days, one of which was to be the Thunderjet (jet boat).  We found out there was one going in 20 minutes and probably no more for the day) so we changed plans and jogged down to the quay for an hours jet boating which provides a few thrills but mostly a great way to see Queentowns scenery from the lake.

Anyway we then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Queenstown before checking into our B&B.  We headed out again in the evening for some dinner at Pub on Wharf.

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