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A successful career – maximizing the income end of Financial Independence

In a world where your Financial Independence equation is inextricably linked to: Income minus expenses = savings rate There is a lot of talk about in the blogosphere about achieving FI through frugal living to maximize your savings rate but less focus on how you make the most of your biggest asset – you – […]

The problem with Referendums and why Britain should hold a second Brexit Referendum

12 months on from the British public’s decision to exit the European Union it’s time to reflect on that decision and consider whether a second referendum is appropriate. The problem with referendums The fundamental problem with a Referendum is that it needs to deliver a result and in so doing boils down a (potentially) complex […]

Dubai November 2016

I’m catching up on some travel blogs that I meant to write but never seemed to find the time when working.  I wanted to try and track down my air miles history but unfortunately it seems the online records only go back to the beginning of 2016.  So if anyone has any great ideas on […]

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We are a couple in our 50’s who retired early to enjoy a better life.  We planned for a number of years but unlike many blogs that you will read our plan was not based on either extreme frugality or a particularly organized route to investing.  We were both financial professionals although you would not believe it is you look at some of the decision we have made.  We’ll share our journey, not because it’s a model for others to follow but maybe because hopefully there’s inspiration that others can learn from our experience (both positively and negatively!)

Originally from the United Kingdom we had itchy feet and left in 1999.  We have since lived in Germany, Australia and now in Austria as well as that work means through work we’ve travelled extensively.  We still love to travel but we also love to be at home in Austria, both in summer and winter it has so much to offer.

Over those years away we’ve learnt a lot about what it means to be an expat (which, without exception is almost certainly positive).  We’ll share some of those experience and would love to hear from others who have started a successful life overseas.  Brexit has added some uncertainty but we’re staying.

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