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Day 11 – Yosemite to Fairfield

After our overnight in Yosemite, we are heading to San Francisco to begin phase 2 of our vacation (essentially the “city” part). We’re not yet done with Yosemite but rather than head back into the park we know that there are some good things to do and see more locally and along our way.  So […]

Day 10 – Mammoth Lakes to Yosemite

Reflection on Las Vegas As you might have gathered these blog posts are being written in date order but refer to our trip which we took in September i.e. before the terrible events of the last fews days in Las Vegas.  For someone who does not live in the US its impossible to comprehend the […]

Day 9 – Death Valley to Mammoth Lakes

So if yesterday was our longest day in the car….today is our second longest.  If you decide to travel through Death Valley it’s inevitable but personally, I think Death Valley is one of those places you have to visit once (and having now been I feel no urge to go back). Before diving into today’s […]

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We are a couple in our 50’s who retired early to enjoy a different life.  We planned for a number of years but unlike many blogs that you will read our plan was not based on either extreme frugality or a particularly organized route to investing.  We were both financial professionals although you would not believe it is you look at some of the decision we have made.  We’ll share our journey, not because it’s a model for others to follow but maybe because hopefully there’s inspiration that others can learn from our experience (both positively and negatively!)

Originally from the United Kingdom we had itchy feet and left in 1999.  We have since lived in Germany, Australia and now in Austria as well as that work means through work we’ve travelled extensively.  We still love to travel but we also love to be at home in Austria, both in summer and winter it has so much to offer.

Life is all about enjoying memorable experiences with those you love.  Over the years we’ve seen some fantastic places and had great times but after a couple of months everything blurs and the memories fade.  The origin of this blog was to create a more permanent record of those experiences and to share those experiences for others to enjoy.

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