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2 June – Day 4 – AT SEA

Interesting sunset and sunrise times
Interesting sunset and sunrise times

Another day at sea as we head towards the Northern Cape.

A couple of noteworthy points.  Firstly, it’s actually getting pretty cold which I know we should have anticipated but actually really didn’t think about.  We’ve brought a light fleece and a woolly hat but I suspect it’s going to be pretty cold once we head outside (note to self: a little bit more planning on future trips).  Secondly, now that we’ve passed into the polar circle we are in the land of 24 hour daylight.

24 hour daylight is quite a strange phenomenon as it starts going dark as normal in the summer around 9:30 but then it sort of stops and hangs around for the next seven or eight hours in a kind of permanent twilight before starting to get light again at 3:30 am or so.

Land ahoy!
Land ahoy!

As we’ve headed north the sea swell has increased so now we feel like we are permanently drunk as the ship rolls from side to side.  Modern cruise ships are incredibly stable but even so the rolling is slightly off-putting.  I am also impressed by the piece of folded paper which seems to be holding one of the parts of our balcony from constantly banging in the wind.  Now that’s modern engineering for you.

Apart from the above today was relatively uninspiring and mostly focused around the timing of eating.  We went for a relatively late breakfast around 9:00 am followed by some sitting and reading.  The gym was packed until lunchtime but spent an hour in the gym on whatever was available.  Followed by a small snooze in the afternoon and a nice dinner in the evening.

The next few days are promising to be a bit more lively!

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